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Why Cornerstone Financial?

Perhaps you’ve heard the term cornerstone before. In ancient architecture, the cornerstone was an imperative part of a stone building’s foundation. It had to be exact, measured precisely, and carefully laid in place to ensure the structural integrity of the building. The cornerstone must be square, as the weight of the building will rest upon it and if not placed correctly, the building can be unstable or unsafe. 

Like a cornerstone, we believe a carefully crafted plan serves as an imperative part of your overall financial life. Your plan serves as a guide by which all decisions can be made. Our professional, experienced team helps families and individuals design a plan unique to their situation with the flexibility to change throughout each season of life. 

Choosing Cornerstone Means Choosing a Relationship

We provide a hands-on, long-term experience, coming alongside you to help you make critical financial decisions. As an independent wealth management firm, we believe the value in a professional financial advising experience comes through relationship.

Our team serves as a reliable resource for clients for any financial decision, whether it is saving for your child’s college education, preparing for a stable retirement, purchasing your vacation home, or ensuring you are providing your loved ones with an inheritance. 

Why Does Independence Matter?

Founded by Tom Cates in 2001, Cornerstone Financial Advisors has exceeded 20 years of service in Indianapolis. Being independent means we put the needs of our clients first. Our firm does not offer proprietary products and our staff receives no financial incentives for any solution we recommend.

Our partnership with Kestra Financial supports us in leveraging the latest technology for ease of doing business with our clients, as well as maintaining compliance in an a rapidly changing industry. 

Are You Ready for a Better Approach to Wealth Management?

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