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Cornerstone Financial Advisor, Inc. was founded by a team of experienced professionals with the goal of assisting clients like you toward your long-term financial dreams through sound fundamental investment strategies.

What’s in a Name?

In ancient architecture, the cornerstone was much more than a decorative piece of stone or a place to put an inscription.  The cornerstone was measured precisely, carefully laid in place and then used as a guide in order to ensure the structural integrity of the building.  Likewise, we assist our clients by precisely and carefully crafting a fundamentally sound plan in order to build their financial structure.

Our Commitment

An essence of life is change, and we are committed to helping guide you, as our client, through those seasons of change. Whether it is saving for your child’s college education, preparing for a stable retirement, purchasing your vacation home, or ensuring you are providing your loved ones with an inheritance; we are there to serve as your financial compass.