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The Secret to Your Financial Goals? It's PLANNING!

Planning for the future may seem like it’s all about the numbers, but it’s more about the story of who you are and what you want to accomplish next. We help your family organize all your financial factors and assets in one place. By partnering with us, clients can visualize how today’s factors will impact future goals. 

Our financial planning process assigns a probability of success that you will achieve each of your financial goals in life. If the probability is low, we will put together the recommended steps to ensure you have a pathway to achieving your goals. 

We're a Trusted Advisor for Questions Like These

How much should I save to retire when I want?  

Should I rollover my 401k into an IRA or keep it with my previous employer's 401k provider? 

Is my pension income "guaranteed" and what happens if I pass away shortly after turning on my pension income?

What will Medicare cost and what are my medical costs if I retire prior to Medicare eligibility? 

When is the optimal time to file for social security based on my health and life expectancy? 

What should I do with my excess savings that is sitting at the bank in cash and earning minimal interest? 

How can I limit taxes on my income once I am in retirement? 

The Cornerstone Process of Financial Planning

1. Understand

Discussion of your goals, objectives, and understanding what you're hoping to accomplish.

2. Gather Information

Organizing all financial components and goals of someone's life. 

3. Input

We input a client's information gathered into an integrated software, which begins to paint a picture of one's current financial situation in life.  Inputting the information provided allows us to evaluate a client's current probability of success based on one's current spending and savings habits.

4. Analyze

Using our industry experience, we begin considering one's current situation to create alternative scenarios in the future that are both realistic and achievable in life. These alternative scenarios are created by adjusting controllable factors impacting long-term success, like saving more before retirement, spending less in retirement, adjusting the age of retirement, delaying social security, shifting into tax-efficient investment strategies, investment risk assessment prior to and during retirement, and evaluating lifetime income strategies, just to name a few.

5. Present

We present our analysis and use a Monte Carlo simulation to look at 1000 different time periods in the stock market. This provides us with best-case and worst-case scenario for how your assets will fair in varying stock market conditions in retirement. We provide recommendations to get you from point A to point B whether that is saving more, spending less, retiring later, delaying social security, etc. 

6. Implement

After discussing what adjustments need to be made it is time to agree on what realistic changes need to be implemented to start your pathway to success. 

7. Monitor, Adjust, & Review

7. Monitor, Adjust, & Review

Once the financial plan is implemented, we will review your plan on a regular basis, input your up-to-date financial figures, and make necessary adjustments to keep you on track to meeting your goals in life. 

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