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Building Wealth is About the Long Game

Investing today is about investing in your future, whatever your goals may be. There is no secret to instant success with investing (it doesn’t exist!). Instead, consistent investing over long periods of time leads to better outcomes for our clients.  

Investing Management Values of Cornerstone



Ongoing client reviews to make investment changes are the foundation for long-term investment success. 

In House

In House

Every client is unique and should be treated as such. We customize investment proposals and manage our client investments in house; NOT by using third-party investment managers.  



We believe in transparency from the fees we charge for investment management to the investment changes we make. 



As new and more efficient solutions are released into the investment world, we research how these solutions can benefit the future of our clients.  We strive to add value to our clients' investments by finding tax-efficient solutions and ways to hedge on the potential downside of the stock market.  



With 40+ years of industry experience we believe in the fundamentals of investing and listen to what our clients' end goals are for their assets. No advisor can predict the future of the market, but by consistent research we aim to be proactive rather than reactive to stock market conditions. 

We use an open architecture investment platform that we allow us to invest your assets in stocks, bonds, mutual funds, ETF's/Index Funds, Real Estate, and Market Hedged/Alternative strategies. 

Cornerstone's Client Advisory Fee Structure


$1.5K Up to $100K


$100K - $500K


$500K - $1M


$1M - $2M


Above $2M

At Cornerstone we group your total household advisory accounts into a reducing fee structure. This lowers your average cost for our investment management services as the assets we manage for you grow over time.  

Why do we charge a percentage-based fee on the assets we manage? 

This allows us to act in a fiduciary capacity for our clients.  Simply put, we are required to always act in the best interest of our clients, not ourselves.

We do not receive commissions on the investments we implement on your behalf, and we do not receive commissions on the trades we place in your investment advisory accounts 

Our investment advisory fee is the only cost to you with an investment advisory account. 

Types of Advisory Accounts Cornerstone Manages

Retirement Accounts

IRAs, Roth IRAs, Small Business Retirement Accounts

Non-Retirement Accounts

Individual, Transfer on Death, Joint with Rights of Survivorship, Entity Accounts 

Inherited Accounts

Inherited IRA's, Inherited Trusts, and Estate Accounts

We will work with your CPA or estate attorney to reduce taxes, ensure proper beneficiary designations, and to align your legal/tax advice with the financial assets we manage.

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